Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Pearl Paint was a great place for graffiti supplies.

1982 was the first year that I would go to one of New York`greatest art supply stores ever. That store was called PEARL PAINTS. It was located on Canal St in lower Manhattan. It was an artist treasure trove, filled with all sorts of artist supplies. Everything that a would be up and coming or professional artist, would need. Back in 1982 was just that, an up and coming artist and I had a need to produce my art work but I was also in need of materials. Most of witch were a bit pricey. The type of things that would really help me with my artist expressions, that were exploding deep inside of my mind. So somtime in 1982
I got up the nerve and went to the Pearl Paint store to Rack Up (Shop Lift) some materials. My first time was ok a success to say the least. Then I went again and again and again, until one day I got caught. The funny part was I didn't even have much on me, well not as much as the times I got caught Racking up what you see in this image above. Some Design markers a black book 8x10inch (Not the samll size as shown in the image), and a couple of tubes of Acrylic paints (The Liquitex Brand). As i said not much at all but that didn't matter, I was spotted by store security and was grabbed right before I could make it through the front door. I was brought into a small room where they took what I racked from me and proceeded to take photos of my haul. As I sat there watching and waiting for the store security to take my photo. Back then they used a Polaroid instamatic type of camera were my photo instantly came out of the camera and they told me. "Ok!" " Here's the deal. We know what you look like so if you come back here and we catch you again you will go straight to jail, got it." To that I replied with a smile "Ok" lol,,,hey I was 17 with a bit of a don't give a fuck attitude. Not a good thing back then but I was young and a bit rough. Many years later I would go back into Pearl Paint store and pick up some supplies only then I would end up spending money. Over the last 20 years I've gone to the that store and I've spent lots If not loads of money. If i could add it all up..Whoa!! that's something. I started out one way in life only to end up turning into a professional artist/ illustrator and I've paid or invested in myself and my craft. Over time something else inside of me grew and it was called respect.  I grew to have respect for the store and all that it was about. I've gone into Pearl Paints so many times it was like a second home. All through out the 90's I was in and out of there. The crazy part to was that back in 1985 I would at times run into other Graffiti Writers there. It was like, that's one of the places that you could go a meet other writers. In mid to late 90's Writers would just hang out in front or off to the side looking to see what other writers were coming and going into the store. I've come out at times only to run into other graffiti writers and sign there Black Books. It was a funny thing and at times crazy. Like the store became a Writers Hangout Spot.
 lol. A lot of those writers were going into the store to get there Racking on. Some got caught,
I'm most certain of. The late 90"s into the early 2000's Store security was making a name for them selves catching lots and lots of graffiti writers. By 2010 Racking truly made no since at all. You will get caught. I had writers tell me about other writer getting caught in the store. Mostly young teenager type cats and a few older 20's heads. For me and Pearl Paint I can honestly say, "We had a history together." One that started out rough but ended up really kool. The store in gone,
no longer standing four stories strong and high, with it's antiqued red and white colors. Its gone like most of the great places that New York City had to offer

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