Saturday, September 24, 2011

CYCLOPS and BLAK65 Piece. Black book/Sketch book work.

This is just me bored and well I gotta say practice, practice, practice! When ever your bored put on some music and tune the world out and just practice your craft. I started out with the idea to do a drawing of Wolverine from the X-MEN. But I had did him several weeks earlier and I thought, do another X-Men character. I haven't done a Cyclops drawing in a very long time. Seeing as I love a good challenge I became game to do so. I think it came out ok. I just don't like his stance a bit but that's just I also chose to do the line work with a bit of 70's flair. (The Wolverine is sold, guess I'll be doing another one soon.)
The BLAK65 Graffiti Piece is another name that I do from time to time for style purpose's. I've been doing them since 1989, back then I spelled it Black 65. I've revamped it since then. With out the letter C in it, it just flows better and also it's original with in the Graffiti movement.

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